Drawstring Cosmetic Bag

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Tired of organizing your cosmetics every day?
Hate spending time to find the right product? 

Classy design helps you solve all of these troubles and simplify your life.

Just open grab and close!

This Cosmetic Bag opens out all the way so you can see all your products at once! Plus once you are done just pull the string to close it!

No need to try and fit all your products back into your tiny makeup bag. If you are a makeup lover or know a makeup lover, then get your hands on one of these! 

This Cosmetic Bag is the future for makeup lovers!


  • Classy Design – See all of your toiletries and cosmetics at once. No more digging and dumping in a traditional black hole makeup bag.
  • Charmed Portable Size – Mini zipper pocket for small beauty tools. Safe to keep sharp cutting eyebrow clip or cosmetic cotton and so on. All in one solution.
  •  Stretchy Lightweight – Put all of the toiletries on the bag, tighten the two lines drawstring, and quickly pack. Fit all you need in a single go!
  • Waterproof Material - Made of high-quality clothing which is dirt resistant and easy to clean.