Portable Skin Cleansing Pen

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Here's the Problem!

Eliminating annoying patches, moles, sun spots and stains has always obligated a trip to a dermatologist.

Guess What?

We have changed the game now!


"OMG!!!! It's just magic"

-Martha Metrikch


Portable Skin Cleansing Pen uses a pin-point accuracy blue laser to interrupt the pigments and other materials that generate blemishes, marks, and other skin discolorations. 



Laser skin treatment is a well-known technique that is documented and authorized by the FDA.  It is superior to other blemish removal technologies for the following reasons:


      1. Least possible skin irritation

      2. Great correctness focusing only on the intended area

      3. Treatment only takes a few minutes which is a revolution in skin care



"I had never seen anything like this before, just Amazing! "

-Martha Metrikch